Monday, February 6, 2012

It's Morula Time Again!!

Yes, it's morula time again and this year our tree has gone crazy. We have a male and a female tree in our garden. The female tree is just next to my office and I've been spending the last few days feeling like I'm being bombarded with bombs. Morula fruit make a big sound when they fall on the roof, bigger than their size might dictate.

Yesterday I collected a 20L bucket of fruit and used it to make some juice, four 2L bottles of it. I just wash them, boil them with some water, mash them up and use a strainer to remove the seeds and skins. Very nice! And apparently between 4-8 times the vitamin C as citrus fruits.

Need to buy some jars and get making jam again. I still have the problem of getting the thickness right so I need to discover a method that is more reliable than guessing when to stop boiling the jam.

But as you can see from my tree - it is loaded. This photo was taken after collecting the 20L bucket of fruit.

I did a bit of research about morulas last night. One of the articles I read said that morula trees are very resistant to drought because they store water from the previous rainy season in their roots, which I found fascinating.

(In my research I also found this article on the website Humanitarian News. It is something from my blog, the very article I linked above about my attempts at making morula jam but now it is written by Ndesanjo Macha. Is this even okay? It was written by ME!!!)


Joyful said...

You are fortunate to have that free fruit. I envy you. In a good way ;-)

As for the isn't what it appears. Yes, it says written by the other person (whose name I cannot see from this box) but if you click on the various links, it links right back to your original article. It seems the author was just linking to your recipe not trying to say it was his/her?? own.

Elspeth Futcher said...

I make jars and jars of jam (from dull berries, not exotic fruit like you) every year but I've never made juice. Good for you! As I sweat over a boiling canner every year I remind myself that at least with homemade, you know what's in it!

Anonymous said...

The article does link back to you, Lauri, but on first glance it does look like it's been nicked. Some people are not as concise as they should be when listing their sources...

I've never tasted morula jam. Is it a bit like plum or less sweet? Jam making is very difficult. My grandmother used to make it and from what I can remember the problems arise from not assessing the natural sugar levels in the fruit properly. How you do that I don't really know. I suspect there is a lot of trial and error involved. However, making your own jam sounds like a lot of fun!

Lauri said...

Elspeth- when boiling your jam, do you have a sign to tell it is thick enough and won't become a hard block when it sets?

Selma- Morula jam is a bit like apricot jam but wiht a wilder taste. It's very nice. My husband loves it.

Unknown said...

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