Saturday, February 25, 2012

New Look- So Soon?

Dear readers,

Please excuse my blog makeover so soon after my past blog make over. It was needed. My interim design was far too busy and dark. I had complaints and I agreed.

So we've gone light and bright.

Have no fear- I will stop my dithering and dathering now.
Comments welcome. :)



funke said...
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funke said...

Lauri I Love this. Much much better. It's clean and bright and the words are so easy to read.

Sue Guiney said...

I agree. It works a treat.

Lauri said...

The problem with blogger is that you don't get enough options some times. I knew that interim design was too busy but wanted the photo at the back. In the end, Funke was right to push me to change it. Thanks!

Joyful said...

Hey don't apologize. Your look is your look and it should be respected. As far as I'm concerned, change your blog look as often as you like. It makes it more interesting for us. If you want a photo at the back, there is a template that allows you to do that.

Anonymous said...

It's looking fabulous around here. LOVE!!!!