Monday, October 27, 2008

Finding Seed Children

I live in a small village in Tswapong called Lecheng. It is a temporary situation as my husband is the headmaster at the junior secondary school and we live within the school compound. We’ve been here about five years. It holds a bit of a tender place in my heart, this village, because when I moved here is when I decided to give my writing a serious chance. We’ll move from here soon, but I’ll always think of this village fondly.

Another reason I love Lecheng is the beauty of the place. It sits in a ring of hills, part of the Tswapong Hills, that have provided many a lovely Sunday for me. Climbing up the hills and scrounging around on top I have uncovered all sorts of wonders. Yesterday was a case in point.

Up on the ridge far behind the school, I found this.

In the red sandstone you often find trees searching for any way to take hold and grow, creating very interesting shapes. I laughed when I saw this. This next weekend we’ll be off to Gaborone for the launch of Bontekanye Botumile’s newest book called The Seed Children. It is about children in the Okavango Delta who turn into trees. It seems I’ve discovered a secret- those seed children don’t only live up in the Delta, they seem to have escaped into the hills of Tswapong too.


Anonymous said...

What an incredible thing. I am completely fascinated by it. It's as if something almost resembling a human could spring from it at any moment.

Lauri said...

I particularly like the little bum at the bottom! :)

deola said...

Quite interesting. i like this

Lauri said...

I was thinking today that maybe these seed children are everywhere. How cool it could be that all of us when we are out in the forest/bush/savanna/desert and we happen upon them we post them on the internet. It would be good to know how widely they have travelled.

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