Friday, November 14, 2008

Commonwealth FINALLY Announces!

The results are out for 2008/2009 Commonwealth Broadcasting Association Short Story Contest (CBA). Congratulations to all of the winners!

A special shout out to Tania Hershman who scooped UK Regional Winner for her story 'Straight Up'. (Thoughts from Botswana is a stop on her book blog book tour for her short story collection The White Road . It's in December so keep your eyes open for it)

It's time to get your computers tapping and pens writing for the next year's CBA contest, deadline in May.

This contest holds a special place in my heart having been highly commended twice; the first time just when I started writing in 2004/2005 for my story 'A Pot Full of Tears'. Such wins really give you confidence that you're on the right track. It's also great to hear your story read by professional actors and to listen to the other stories on the CDs from all over the Commonwealth. I find myself listening to the CDs over and over again.
Kudos to the organisers!


AM-C said...

I have heard the winning stories. They are pretty good. A couple of years ago, all the stories were available online (these included the highly commended stories), but they didn't put them online last year or this year. Did you enter the competition this year?

Lauri said...

I did enter, I always do. I liked my story it was about these churches that say they can cure AIDS.

I listened to Tania's story, it was quite nice, sad actually. My internet connection is pretty bad so it is hard to download the recordings.