Wednesday, November 5, 2008

An Historic Day

When we got married, we decided that we would live in Botswana. I knew I couldn't bear to see my black husband subjected to the racism that is endemic in America, nor let my brown children be told that they could only go so far.

I'm not naive enough to think that the racism will be wiped away with today's election results, but it does mean that the majority of Americans have laid down the gauntlet and said- No More. It does mean that all people of colour in America have a thin path cut out for them, a path that never existed before Obama. That is a huge thing.

A great man has entered centre stage and I for one am expecting great things.

(And I'm relieved I can finally stop telling people I was born in Armenia- that Armenian accent has been tough to maintain)

An African son is now taking up residence of the White House............Yaoza!!!


BOOK SA said...

The celebrations were strong in Cape Town! -


Anonymous said...

I am elated. It is such a significant moment in history. I feel incredibly hopeful. I am also really impressed that you managed to pull off an Armenian accent. LOL.

Lauri said...

Selma my talents are limitless :)
Ben thanks for the link. I understand tomorrow is a national holiday in Kenya all for Obama.

Tania Hershman said...

Lauri, thanks for posting this, for putting things in a personal context that makes this day even more miraculous, spectacular. Thank god you can stop pretending to be Armenian!

deola said...

We are all excited. But lauri, I have problem with this national holiday in Kenya. Is it really necessary?

Lauri said...

I think the people in Kenya are proud of the achievement of their son. Everywhere you look people want to be a part of Obama, I think because he tries to make everyone a part of him. If any people have a right to claim him it is Kenya. I know here in Botswana, and likely in Kenya too, the children take the tribe of their father. To Kenyans, Obama is Kenyan. It's a miraculous day when an African sits in the White House. Damn I'd make it a holiday in Botswana if I was the boss here.