Friday, September 18, 2009

Out of My Window

I currently work in our dining room. When I look out my window here is what I see:

This is our front yard. The grass is finally coming back. The trees on both side of the bougainvillea are jacarandas which today are beautiful, full of purple flowers.

And the window I look out is this one:

That's my doggie Chelsea trying to get out of the photo. She's photo shy.

What do you see out your window? If you decide to post let me know so I can come and see.


Miss Footloose said...

Bougainvillea is glorious stuff. I had it blooming when I lived in Ghana, all over the place. It is so wild and unruly and abundant and vibrant in color. I want to have the personality of a bougainvillea. Maybe I should dye my hair...

This very morning I saw six deer (three fawns) walk out of the woods and across our yard.

Fall/autumn is coming here and the trees are beginning to loose their leaves. I have no pictures ...

Elizabeth Bradley said...

I love jacarandas, and bouganvillea. I love color in the garden.

Chelsea is a cutie.

When I look out my window I have a view of the Santa Rose Plateau.

bonita said...

umm when I look outside my office window I see the building across the street, vacant and foreclosed. Further in the distance (about 1/2 a block away) I see a newly-built back porch strung with tiny white holiday lights along the second floor banister. There's a party there tonight but the lights are always there.
The view is better from my back porch where the old maple tree and the buckeye and katsura I planted years ago now shield my porch from the neighbors. A blue morning glory vine twines along my (2nd floor) bannister. I can look down into a garden overflowing with hosta, sumac, lenten roses, .....I once counted over 150 kinds of plant matter in just the back yard (25 ft x 25 ft). The side yard is replete with tomatoes, herbs . . . all still look okay, our mild summer is scheduled to continue until the end of September. Nope, no pictures. I always mean to , but I don't own camera.

Lauri said...

Miss Footloose like you I always miss those 'deer' photos.

Elizabeth I'd love to see that view. Chelsea thanks you for the kind words, all old ladies like to think they still have it- she's now 10. My husband bought me her for Valentine's Day.

Bonita- your words were as good as a picture! Just yesterday I read a wonderful short story from a writing friend of mine, Shabnam Nadiya, where the people in the flat across the way, the people the couple have been obsessed with, have fairy lights on their balcony. And I must say morning glories are about the happiest flowers on earth.

Anonymous said...

I also see jacarandas, bougainvillea in exactly the same shade and a gum tree. I think I'll have to do a post about this. It is such a good idea. This morning we had ten rainbow lorikeets in the garden as well as a handful of lizards!

Lauri said...

No lizards in my garden if they're cleveer. Catman specialises in the destruction. Funny your garden is similar to mine, Selma.