Thursday, September 17, 2009

Taking the A Train

Next year my daughter will be having her gap year and she has decided to spend a few months in the United States visiting my sister and her cousin (my sister's daughter) who will be graduating from senior secondary school. My sister has planned a big graduation trip for them all. Quite exciting moving around the western US; my sister lives in Colorado.

The following year, 2011, my son will also have his gap year. I asked him if he’d like to go to the States too, but he’s not keen to travel alone. I offered to go with him and he said that would be better. But of course there will be no big graduation trip, so I’d been thinking about what we might do.

Last time I was in the United States was before any of these people were born, I was, in fact, pregnant with my daughter. My husband and I got a 30 day air pass with one of the airlines, I’ve forgotten which. I thought that might be a good idea, but, sadly, they no longer exist.

Then I checked out the trains. Amtrack has 30 and 45 day passes. Then I thought wouldn’t it be fun to get on the train and move around the United States meeting all of the many writers I’ve met on the internet- at Writers Weekly from when I first started writing seven years ago, to blog friends, to my new Facebook friends.

Then I thought it would be even nicer to go on such a trip and record it all, here and maybe even write a book about it. Take photos of all of these lovely people. I’ve become quite excited just thinking about it. Already I have my long time writer friend Ms Karen preparing for my visit to Washington state- never been there but always wanted to be.

It is funny how close you get to people you’ve never actually met. It would be fun to move around and see them in flesh and blood. See their houses, meet their families, some of which I feel I know already, talk about writing.

It’s two years away so I have plenty of time to plan. Of course money, as always for most writers unless you're Dan Brown, is a problem, but two years is some time away and anything can happen. If I say now I intend to do it- then I will- one way or another. Maybe some publisher will pop up and sponsor me, maybe Amtrak will use me for publicity. Who knows? Anything can happen.

So please folks, come 2011, clear a space on your floor for me and my son, I may be stopping by.


bonita said...

Lauri: I think it's called couch surfing. . . Be glad to welcome you--as you know I'm at he country's railroad hub, can see the tallest building in North America from my back porch, and am a mere 4 hours away from the best roller coaster in the States.

Julien said...

I have no clue where I'll be in 2 years, but wherever that might be, you are more than welcome to come visit.. :p

karen said...

Sounds like great fun... A bit of virtual travel is almost as good as the real thing, too!

Anonymous said...

Lauri, not sure what you mean by gap year (I'm sure there is a stroy there for culturally challenged people). I'd be glad to meet you, but there aren't any railways out to here. Though, plan a mmetup in Indianopolis, and I might can make it!


Anonymous said...

That should prove to be a fun trip. I've only been following your blog for a few weeks but you can count in my couch. Although, I think we could actually do better and get you a bed. :)

Lauri said...

Thanks for all the invites!!- I was not actually fishing for them just noting my thoughts.

April- Ours is not actually a proper gap year to be honest. My daughter will be writing her final exams for form 5 (the end of senior secondary ) this yea rin Novemeber. When she finishes she will not start university until August/September of the next year so she has many months free.

Anonymous said...

How exciting. That sounds like my kind of trip. I hope you do get to do it and that you write a book about it. It is one of my dreams to meet both you and Ms Karen. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you that the funds come together!

Lauri said...

Selma maybe you want to come with???