Monday, September 7, 2009

Six Things I'm Happy About Today

1. My son is okay.
I spent a restless night and woke up feeling quite ill and upset on Sunday. My son has been having some problems at school, some caused by him , some caused by others, and he was feeling quite depressed about it all. He is in a very remote boarding school and it's difficult to get a hold of him. I tried all day yesterday and couldn't but Sunday morning his big sister searched until she found him . My husband and I both finally got to talk to him and he sounded so much better. Teenagers are so resilient- thank god.

2. I had a lovely weekend with my husband.
He is away to university all week and he almost couldn't come for the weekend but at the last minute managed. I'd had a rough week so it was such a blessing. Though being apart all week is difficult, it does teach you to value the time you get together.

3. Had a fantastic reader's report for my kid's book Curse of the Gold Coins
I submitted the book to a new publisher in South Africa, one that I would be so proud to be published by. The reader started out with "This is quality writing by an experienced Motswana writer." I'm still humming from that one. Don't quite have an acceptance yet though. ....

4. My swimming pool is finally back up.
My husband worked hard yesterday getting it set up and today I helped him to lay down paving brick. Tonight after he left for Gaborone, I started planting green grass around it. I'll soon be back to my late afternoon swims with my "swimming machine" (soon to be patented).

5. My baby marrows have come up.
My baby marrows I planted last Monday have broken through the soil looking very healthy. I've never grown these before in Botswana so I'm very excited to see what happens.

6. Flowers in my garden and on my desk.
Spring is here and my garden is looking lovely. So lovely I can cut flowers now and for a week now I've had fresh flowers on my desk.


Sue Guiney said...

all sounds great, and I'm so happy about your son!

Elspeth Futcher said...

Enjoy the promise of spring as I can already see a few yellow leaves on the trees here on the west coast of Canada!
I envy your pool and your baby marrows!


Polar Bear said...

It's wonderful that you have had so many reasons to be happy and even better that you are counting your blessings. I hope this week is a better one for you ...

Lauri said...

Sue - thanks. I'm still thinking of taking him out of boarding school and having him here living with me and becoming a day scholar at our local senior secondary next year. Not sure if he'll agree.

Elspeth- I swam yesterday for the first time and it was fabulous!

Polar Bear- I wrote this on Sunday and then on Monday I get a big fat whammy but I think it really helps to keep things in perspective. Counting your blessings is one way to do that.

Euri said...

It's a good idea to reflect upon the good things in your life.

Anonymous said...

What a relief about your son. If there was an Olympic event about worrying, I wold win the gold for worrying about my son. I am so glad you managed to get hold of yours.

I love hearing about your garden. I feel a real kinship with you as we are both going into spring at the same time. I planted tomatoes on the weekend, jalapenos and baby broccoli. We'll see how they go!

Lauri said...

Euri- Thanks for stopping by. I was at your blog yesterday following Groovy's fiesty hamsters. I must say I'm quite impressed by your doggy abilities. Chelsea and her African Sausage Dog I'm am positive could not set up their own blog. And thanks for your doggy wisdom.

What fun Selma. On the weekend I watched a show about lining the bottom of a pit with newspaper then putting the soil then planting, apparently this stops the water disappearing inot the sand. Is it dry where you live? I'm going to try it. Anything to decrease water use and to use up these newspapers. I'm a newspaper hound and they pile up everywhere. When my husband was a headmasater he used to take them to school for the kids to use to wash the windows in their classrooms but now that he's at university I fear I'll drown in them. Keep me posted about that broccoli. I'd love to grow it.