Monday, October 12, 2009

Barrack Obama Wins Noble Peace Prize

God I just don't get the haters on this one. We lived through the wild, irresponsible, greed-powered, killing years of George Bush and Dick Cheney and we shivered wondering if the world would survive. On the day Barrack Obama was elected president of America I felt like we'd got to the other side of a mine field. I wept with joy that we were alive. But I'm not a fool. I never for an instant expected he had a magic wand and he would fling it through the air like Harry Potter and the world would be all lollipops and rainbows. Bush created a mess. Obama has to clean it up.

I'm shocked by the reaction of some people to the Nobel Prize Committee's decision. They think Obama has done nothing to deserve this honour. I ask - are you blind?

A good example is his handling of the economic crisis. When the American economy went into meltdown after eight years plus of unrestrained greed, he was only days in office when he calmly showed what he was going to do about it. The jittery world took their lead from him. One wonders who else - which other world leader days in office would have handled things so calmly and rationally? He reached out to other world leaders and did not dictate how they could stop the destruction- he engaged with them. He listened and he offered. They conversed as equals. Where does peace begin if not there?

Then we get the personification of publicity hound- Michael Moore, putting in his two cents. Congratulations -now do something to deserve it? WTF! Sorry I get emotional on this one. Yeah great idea let President Obama pull all US troops out of Iraq and Afghanistan today. Good idea Mike. And what will happen then. Obama has made a commitment to end these wars- but he is not reckless. He is not George Bush. He will engage and negotiate and listen - to all sides- including the generals on the ground who know the risks.

President Obama unlike any US president that has gone before him realises that we really do live in ONE WORLD. What happens in my country today WILL affect what happens in yours tomorrow. He is a true world citizen. Closing the borders and closing your eyes does not stop the bad guys from finding you- if nothing else 9-11 taught everyone that. Engage, listen, proceed with respect and calmness. Is this not the road to peace? Is this not Barrack Obama's way?

Here is Obama's reaction to winning the Nobel Peace Prize. He sees it as a call to action and I'm hopeful for what that means.

I congratulate you Mr. President. I know that your time as the leader of the United States is only a stepping stone to greater things. I wait with a heart filled of hope to see what your future holds.


Sue Guiney said...

I'm with you on this one. Well said!

Val said...

i am with you too! great post and congrats to Obama's US

Lauri said...

Thanks Sue and Val. I think Michael Moore does important things, but in this case he's wrong.

Anonymous said...

Michael Moore has done good things but he is a fanatic.

President Obama is awesome. He is a man of dignity and integrity. Thank God he is with us on this messed up planet right now. We truly need him!

bonita said...

It may be that the haters do not see that much of the world sees the U.S. is the 800 pound gorilla in the room. The vitriol coming from the right is overwhelming. My only concern is that once again, expectations for this man, a black man, are through the roof. He's gonna need tights and a cape to meet them!

Helen Ginger said...

Wouldn't it great if this small step of his election, and his calm and intelligence, would result in a greater good for the world? I'm in no way saying Obama is or could be the ONE, but perhaps he could shine light on a path that we all could walk together. Even with all the screaming and bashing and money grabbing going on in US politics, I still have hope. Not much. But some.

Straight From Hel

Lauri said...

Bonita I too think people have put him up so high it will be impossible for him to be successful, I think I may very well be one of those people.

Helen I'm scared for America actually. People just became so divided during the Bush years. They need something to pull together for. The way people talk of one another is frightening. I watched that bareny Frank video where a woman held a sign saying that Obama was a Nazi. I was shocked. Someone said our president Ian Khama looked like a bushman and they were sent to jail. There needs to be an in between but just basic respect should be in place.

Lemang said...

Did you get a chance to read Michael Moore's 'retracing his steps' after he wrote 'Congratulations President Obama....' it is titled, 'Get Off Obama's Back: Second Thoughts From Michael Moore.'

Read more at:

Lauri said...

Thanks so much for posting that Lemang. I think admitting you were wrong is one of the most couragous acts. Good job, Michael Moore.