Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Gardens Can Make You Happy

I've had a bit of a tough few days. After having my son and husband around for the whole of last week, they both left on Sunday leaving me alone. Then my Facebook stopped working and on Monday my TV followed suit. I felt like the whole world had ran away and I was all alone. I'm not someone who feels lonely and suddenly there I was on Monday in tears. But now it is Tuesday evening and I'm back to normal though nothing has changed really. The TV and Facebook are still out, but I spent some time this evening walking around my garden taking pictures and everything looked so lovely that my funk just disappeared and I was back to normal. Since it made me so happy, I thought I might share my garden with you too.

I noticed yesterday that a masked weaver has decided to build his nests in a tree in our back yard. Yesterday a female came and he had just started his second nest. I'm not sure what she said but she seem very excited about it and now today he's abandoned his first nest altogether and is concentrating on the second one. His new home is in perfect view of my pool, so every afternoon after my prerequisite 150 strokes I float and watch him build away. It's very nice.

Below to the left is the only pomegranate we will get from our tree this year. It was loaded with blossoms but this is the only fruit that developed. It was neglected by our tenants and I was happy just to see it blossom as I thought it was dead. I expect next year it will be back to its former self and loaded with fruit.

Below to the right is my jacaranda tree in the front yard in full bloom. We had fantastic winds on the weekend and on Sunday my whole front yard looked as if a parade passed throwing purple confetti. It was lovely.

This is a planter at the front of our house made from a truck tyre. The pansies and begonias are doing lovely.

And these are my baby marrows planted about a month ago. They've grown like mad. In the middle I already have some fruit. I suspect that October won't finish without me eating baby marrows from my garden. Yeah! Eat that Spar -trying to sell me a mouldy old pack for P19.95!

I hope my garden cheered you as it did me!


Sue Guiney said...

Lovely photos.Hope you're feeling better soon!

Elspeth Futcher said...

Thank you for sharing your garden. It's wonderful to see shots of spring as I look out at falling leaves.

It's nice to be alone sometimes, but I do understand your mood yesterday. It can be tough.


Elizabeth Bradley said...

I love the idea of swimming and watching the birds. What a treat, a tour of your garden. I'm the same way, if I'm in a funk I head outside, to be near nature. It's soothing to the soul.

Anonymous said...

I would be in heaven watching the weaver build a nest while I was in the pool.

My jacaranda is starting to flower now. It is usually earlier than this. My neighbour reckons it's because the water table has dropped because of the recent drought. He's probably right. I do love seeing those beautiful blossoms. I hope they come soon.

I hope that writing about your garden cheered you up because it certainly cheered me. XXX

Lauri said...

Yesterday I watched such a battle from poolside. My poor weaver friend has finished his second house and the girlfriend arrived but now another male weaver was trying to take over. So the poor guy was trying to entertian his woman who even climbed inside the new house while fighting off this other guy. It's amazing tyhe dramas being played out while we sit inside writing stories.

Selma it is true that these jacarandas are very sensitve to water. When the Tenants from Hell lived here they watered nothing. Their presence even seemed to pull the little water from the ground. Two of the jacarandas never flowered.

Yes, Sue I'm feeling much better. I even woke up with a story in my head. That hasn't happened for a while. Getting ready to put it down on paper, that always makes me feel great.