Friday, October 16, 2009

Best on the Net this Week

I'm falling in love with Ted Wilson at the Rumpus. This week he reviewed the Rockville Public Library. He has a feud going with Margaret the librarian over his refusal to recognise the Dewey Decimal System. Very funny.

I watched another interesting video on TED. Chris Abani, Nigerian author and poet, speaks about how small ( and sometimes large ) acts of kindness are what really define our humanity. There's a lovely bit at the end when he speaks about the Igbo and how they create their own gods but when those gods become too demanding and selfish they destroy them. He suggests its time we all do that. This video is full of stories, they will resonate wiht me for a long time.

If you have interest in the financial side of if a publisher decides to go with your book or not ( and you should if you want to be published) check out the fantastic series going on at Pimp my Novel where he's explaining the profit and loss accounting when it comes to acquisitions. Very interesting.

And the last one comes from my friend Colleen Higgs via TheOtherColleen. Go through the whole blog- it's hilarious! Have a great weekend!


Elizabeth Bradley said...

Thanks for the links. Can't believe it's Friday already! Have a terrific weekend.

Maxine said...

Thanks for the Pimp My Novel link. Very insightful. And that Igbo story is just begging to be told and retold.