Friday, October 9, 2009

My Favourites on the Internet this Week

Please- I beg of all of you- view this video. Author and Orange Prize winner, Chimamanda Ngozi Adchie talks about the danger of a single story. Fantastic , wonderful. Most important.

Writing a good short story is tricky business. It is not something most can do. One of the best things I read in blogs this week was this post at The Short Review by Chris Fowler the author of eleven short story collections. In it he discusses what he thinks makes up a good short story and I think he is spot on. Let it be a story proper, let it have a plot, let it be readable. Worth your time to read it if you are a short story writer or a short story lover.

I'm not a poet, or let me say that properly, I am a poet but quite a bad one, but I do love poetry and I love it most when it is read to me by the writer himself (or herself). I wish all poets would read their poems to me. My blogging friend poet, Robert W. Kimsey has done just that on his blog and I think all poets should do it. He has recorded himself reading his poem and it's lovely. I wish all of the poets I know in the internet would do that (...are you listening Sue? are you listening Maxine? are you listening Colleen and all her poet-y friends?)

And last but not least......If you have a cat you have got to go here. Very funny indeed.

Things to think and laugh about. Have a great weekend my dears!


Unknown said...

Hi Lauri! Adichie's speech is such a gem! I think it is a requirement for all writers from the continent and all writers writing about Africa.

And Chris' tips were just wonderful. I've recently started writing quite a number of short stories and I found his advice really helpful.

Thanks for sharing!

Miss Footloose said...


You begged, so I clicked!

Just finished watching Chimanda Ngozi Adchie's video. Once I started I couldn't stop! I am so impressed. Chimanda could not have presented the issue in a better way, even getting us to see some humor and making us laugh. I loved it. I'm now getting her books, of course, but that is besides the point.

I'm sending this video onward to all my writer friends and other contacts.

Thank you so much for sending this my way!

Miss Footloose

The pale observer said...

Hi Lauri

Wow - 20 years in Botswana? I've been 14 years (almost) in Ghana and I thought THAT was long!

Well i happily found your blog through Miss Footloose.

I lived in Botswana as a volunteer in 1990 - 1991. I absolutely loved it. Lived in a village called Mochudi.

I hear Botswana is transformed but I believe the people are still as great?!

Will be back to read your blog often! Please also visit me at Holli's Ramblings.

Elizabeth Bradley said...

Thanks for all the links, you have a great weekend.

Lauri said...

Jude- I agreee I think this Chimamanda's speech is very important. Did you read the discussion at my note on FB. A publisher from your country had very itneresting things to say. I think also this impacts on the discussions at your blog, don't you?

Miss Footloose- I'm so happy you enjoyed the speech. Her short stories are lovely, she has a new collection out just now and of course I would highly recommend Half of Yellow Sun.

The Pale Observer- How lovely! Yes I know Mochudi well. Lots of exciting things happening there with their new kgosi kgolo. 20 years is not long since I'm now a citizen and intend to be here until they bury me -which I hope is somewhere quite far into the distance.

Elizabeth- Hope you enjoy the links. No one is mentioning Simon's Cat which I thought was hilarious!I suppose Chimamanda's speech was more important.

Helen Ginger said...

A lot of interesting links. Before I click away, I wanted to say thanks.

Straight From Hel

The pale observer said...

Tell me more about the kgosi kgolo?!

Lauri said...

Pale Observer read this