Monday, October 19, 2009

Introducing Catman's Kids

Today we get to meet Catman's kittens!

These photos were taken on Sunday and their eyes were not yet open. Below see all four kittens. I tried to put them in order of size but they are very unruly. The calico is the smallest and in many ways the stupidest. She is frantic to find a nipple to latch onto, but useless with navigation. There is an all grey one, a grey and white one, an orange tabby with white and the calico. Do not ask me which is male and which is female- that's how we got into this situation. I do know the calico is a female, since genetics dictate.

Below is Catman in typical ambivalent mother mode. The soundtrack for this photo is-

"Miaow, miaoooow, mm.., miiiaaaaooow, miaow, mmmiiiaaaooowwww!" In English I think that means- "Hey- milk machine get over here!"

This is a close-up of the grey one with white. The only photo I have where one of them stayed still and faced the camera at the same time.

Three kittens being contrary and looking away from the camera. I fear they've taken their mother's personality. (The grey one is quite darker- darker than Catman, he's the biggest too. )

....and The Catman herself. What is she saying?
"When will this be over?" -in her typical ambiguous way. Did she mean the photo shoot? The parenting gig? One never knows with Catman.


Elspeth Futcher said...

Kittens!!! If it helps, odds are the orange is male; female orange cats are incredibly rare.

Oh! Kittens!


Lauri said...

Thanks for that info Elspeth, I didn't know that.

bonita said...

Oh! Oh! Oh! Look at the tiny claws.
See how sharp they are.
Like tiny needles.
Ouch, Ouch, Ouch

Elizabeth Bradley said...

I heard that orange tabby's cannot possibly be male, that females with orange are always calico. But I'm not an expert. That dark gray one is a giant. Catman looks like she'd rather be out mousing.

Helen Ginger said...

Catman is thinking, Look at me, I'm so sweet. You'd never guess that when I get my claws on the cat that caused this, I'm gonna shred him to bits. Purr, purr. Meow.

Straight From Hel

T. Powell Coltrin said...

I have had a bazillion cats in my life thus far. Elspeth is right about the genetics of an orange cat which is my fav, but I had an orange female once. Her name was Sharron. Long story and yes it was spelled that way. I didn't know she was a rare -then.

I love love love those kitties

Catman is thinking, How did I get myself into this and more importantly, how do I get out??

PS I lost my 11 year old kitty last Friday. They are such good friens.

Lauri said...

Bonita- I got a fright too when I saw the nails on that grey/white one.

Elizabeth- At university I lived in a coop and we had a big fat male orange cat. He was lovely. I'm thinking of keeping one of the kittens and I'm leaning toward the orange one because of that.

Helen- the funny thing is ever since this post came out, Catman has become an exemplary mother. I think she read it.

Journaling Woman- I'm so sorry about your cat. It's sad to lose a pet.

Anonymous said...

Helen's comment made me laugh. LOL.

Those kittens are so tiny. Awww, de iddy biddy wittle sweetums.

OK, I've recovered now - but they are seriously cute!

Lauri said...

Selma -today the big fat grey one opened one eye.He looks like a little pirate. The other ones still want nothing to do with the world beyond their eyelids. Today they are 10 days old.

daoine said...

AW noo-noo! Can I have one?