Monday, October 17, 2011

Photos of my Life Today

It's spring in Botswana, and that means the jacarandas are blooming. We have three in our garden and they are looking gorgeous right now, my photos don't do them justice.

The purple flowers decorate the lawn.

Senor Ramon has a new game. He sits in the little cubbyhole at the back of the lawn chair (what is the purpose of that space anyway?). And he waits. Then when I sit down, it is best when I'm from the pool in my swimsuit, he pokes his little paw through the slot at the back and gives me a few swipes on the bum. Fun game for him. Not so much for me.

Below is Cat's Eye, the Cactus. He arrived at our house hardly bigger than a thumb, bought by Giant Teenager No. 1. When she left for boarding school, I was left with Cat's Eye. Immediately he began to grow a strange shaped head. When I built my office, he moved here with me. For a while he was Cactus Man but it didn't suit him and he went back to Cat's Eye...and his odd head kept growing. Then in the last few months he started bending over, as if searching for light.

Today I decided the problem was getting serious and I've planted him outside where there is plenty of sun. I hope he goes back to being straight and tall. This bended posture gives me a backache to look at. I'll keep you posted.

Another problematic plant is our banana tree. We had lovely bananas that produced the sweetest fruits, but our Tenants From Hell decided to cut them down. Mr K then planted these, which have refused to grow, probably they know what happens to healthy bananas in this garden, they've heard the rumour. But now to add insult to injury, the masked weaver bird is back and he has chosen the few banana leaves on the decrepit banana tree as his building material. As you can see he's nearly stripped it completely and his nest is not finished. Oh poor banana tree!

That's today in photos. Now it's time to get to work!


CA Heaven said...

Southern Africa looks great. I need to find an excuse to visit some time >:)

Cold As Heaven

Lauri said...

Plenty of fantastic places to visit down here, you'll love it!

karen said...

Ramon looks adorable in that cubby hole... sharp little claws through the slats - typical little bit of cat fun!!

Our banana trees get raided by baboons and knocked down, so this year we only have the small offspring of the older trees - and no hope of any bananas either!

Anonymous said...

AWwww. Ramon is so cute. I love seeing the jacaranda blooms on the lawn. Our jacarandas haven't flowered yet. I think they might be drought-stressed.

Your photos are excellent, Lauri. Love seeing your part of the world!