Thursday, November 20, 2008

Kate Gomolemo Makes the Papers!

What a surprise I got last night when reading a book review in The Botswana Gazette newspaper to find a bit about my detective, Kate Gomolemo, right in there with Mma Ramotswe. What a lovely surprise! Read it here.


Petina Gappah said...

Ha! Told you you should write more detective novels. Nice one, Lauri. I meant to ask you before, what do you think of Unity Dow? As a writer of course, not as a lawyer:)

Lauri said...

I read her most recent book and it was good, but I was more impressed with the speech she wrote and gave at last year's festival for Bessie Head. It was beautiful.

According to the papers, she's about to resign from the High Court where she's done some important things. (Sorry- you didn't want comments about her as a lawyer)

I am in a meeting with a big shot from your country today and tomorrow he's a PS in some ministry and a writer.

Elle Carter Neal said...

Fabulous! What a lovely write up. Maybe one day they will be comparing up and coming detective stories to your Detective Kate series.

Lauri said...

Elsa, sorry. I was trying to delete a comment I made immediately after sending it. You know my techno skills are not top form. I did find that you cannot edit comments once sent. Maybe I ticked a box I shouldn't have. I'll go and look.