Thursday, September 3, 2009

Spring in Mahalapye

This winter seemed far too long and far too cold. It seemed it would never end but it finally has. To celebrate- pictures from my garden. This first one is of the blossoms on our pomegranate tree. We rented our house out and the tenants let everything die. We moved back in February and I was sure this tree was dead. I guess not!

This is a picture of our vegetable garden at the back of our house. Carrots to the right are already being eaten as well as the tomatoes which I thought could be seen in the photo but you can't, and spinach at the far left. This week I planted green peppers, baby marrow, chili peppers, cucumbers and egg plant.

And here are blossoms on our orange tree with little oranges already showing. Wish you could smell them, they're wonderful especially at dusk. The whole garden smells of orange blossoms.

Yeah for spring.... I thought you'd never arrive.


karen said...

Hi Lauri, I was wondering where in Botswana you were! Great spring photos,especially the pomegranate tree... I also blogged about orange blossoms the other day - we are living right next to an orchard, so you can just imagine the glorious fragrance of the entire orchard at the moment!

I also enjoyed your post about Kgosi Kgafela. I do love your blog!

Lyn said...

I really enjoy reading about the seasons in reverse. While you are celebrating the arrival of spring, we are kissing summer goodbye and noticing the chill of the autumn air and the changing of the colour of our leaves. Soon they will drop and winter will arrive in all her blustery splendour. Like I said, I really enjoyed your photos and musings about spring. Enjoy it!

Lauri said...

Karen- don't you love the smell of orange blossoms? I'd stick my head in the tree if it wasn't full of bees. Glad you like the blog.

Lyn- It is funny sometimes thinking of everything in reverse. I'm loving spring. I cut flowers from the garden this morning for next to my computer.

Helen Ginger said...

Another reason I love coming here -- you're on a totally different schedule than I am. What fun that Spring is springing in Botswana. We're technically coming up on Fall here, but in south central Texas there's not much in the way of season changes. We go from scorching hot to hot and call it Fall,

Lauri said...

The way it was freezing cold this winter I am keeping South Texas on my list of potential places to relocate if a couple more of those winters hit us!

Anonymous said...

I love the photos. I have never seen a pomegranate tree before. I do love pomegranates, although the juice is very hard to get out if you happen to dribble it on a white shirt *ahem*

Orange blossoms are the ultimate scent. One of the few things that can instantly transport me to another world!