Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Egypt Here I Come!

About a month or so ago I applied for a writers' residency in El Gouna Egypt. It is their first year offering such residencies and they are open to writers from all over the world so I didn't expect I had much of a chance. Nevertheless, I sent off the application because I knew without doing that I had no chance at all. Well- I've been chosen! Yes, I'm off in May 2010 for a month in Egypt along the Red Sea to spend 30 days writing- ONLY! What a gift.

As my blog friends know, this year, thanks to five of my books being prescribed by the Ministry of Education in Botswana, I have a bit of breathing space in terms of money. I had already intended to spend some serious time this year working on a novel but now I get to do it away from the normal pressures of home. I'm so happy.

And what can we learn from this my dear blogging friends? Take that chance- you might just get it. When May comes around I'll keep you folks posted. Maybe you'll want to apply for a residency next year.


Val said...

wow heartfelt congratulations!! egypt - awesome! 30 days writing there - amazing. enjoy to the full and much power to your pen!!!

Lauri said...

Thanks Val! I'm hoping to work on a literary novel. I have the idea 'cooking' in my head. I plan to do all pre-work before I leave so I can write like a fiend there and come back with a very rough draft.
I'm excited about it all actually. Going to Egypt and having time to write without any worries.

Vanessa Gebbie said...

Oh my goodness! What a wonderful thing to be dong. Congrats, lauri - I cant wait to read how it goeth!

bonita said...

another round of hats, horns, and confetti! [The Ministry of Ed must offer great renumeration! 5 books here barely covers living expenses...]

Lauri said...

Thanks Vanessa. I plan to keep everyone posted about how it goes.

Bonita- here I get royalties, so yeah 5 books is good. Of course the credit crunch means I'm only getting three of them this year, hopefully the other two next year.

Anonymous said...

This is such brilliant news. I am so pleased for you. Good on you, Lauri!!