Wednesday, December 16, 2009

The Many Ways to Sell An Ebook

Macmillan has announced that they will sell enhanced ebooks for select titles that they feel will become bestsellers. They will be released on the same day the hard cover edition comes out. These enhanced ebooks will include author interviews, reader's guides and other unspecified material. The enhanced ebooks will cost more than the hard cover books and will only be available for 90 days. After this, the ebook version of that title will revert back to the standard type of ebook.

This is in contrast to some other big name publishers who believe the best way to sell ebooks is to withhold them and let the print book get its time in the sun and only bring the ebook out much later.

Despite what the pessimists say, this is actually an exciting time for publishing. There are myriad of ideas of how the publishing industry can embrace new technologies. I think Macmillan's idea is fantastic. What do you think?


Sue Guiney said...

I do believe this is an exciting time for writers. And it's good to see publishers actually having to be creative themselves. I do like the enhanced ebook idea. Maybe not the limited edition part of it, but I bet the specifics will change over time. the idea of adding interviews etc a really good one, though.

Not From Lapland said...

as a reader I love ebooks, just bought my first ereader and thinks its really strange that many books arent available and often cost more than a printed book. very odd indeed.

Lauri said...

I really don't understand the reluctance of publishers to grab this new technology. I also don't believe it will be the end of the book. Book buyers will buy books and ebook buyers will buy ebooks. AND most importantly- writers will get 50% royalties on ebook sales- which is a damn sight better than the normal 10% on paper.

There are so many ways that this model can be played with. For example, I was thinking today that in kids' books characters could pop up and speak, or a narrator. There could be things you press and things happen, you could get hybrid book/games. And with textbooks things could go seriously crazy. I love all of the possibilities.

Elizabeth Bradley said...

I love this idea. But then I don't have a problem with the changes occurring in publishing either. I love the idea of interactive reading, especially for youngsters. It's all good.

Anonymous said...

I think it's an incredibly positive step. Glad to hear about it. Usually it's all doom and gloom.