Thursday, December 31, 2009

Reflections on the old year, Promises for the new one

I love New Year's Eve. There is something quite nice about taking a minute to look back at what you've accomplished and to look ahead at what is waiting for you.

2009 was a good year for me. I won a few contests- the best being the one in which I won the laptop. I had some exciting acceptances. My first attempt at romance got taken on the first time out. My first time entering the Sanlam Contest for Children's Literature saw me place as a finalist. My first novella, The Fatal Payout, was chosen as the only prescribed English novel for junior secondary schools in Botswana. I've made a bit of shift in my writing and now concentrate a bit more on books than short stories. I'm not sure if this is permanent but for now it is working well for me.

Personally, we moved back home after six years in Lecheng. It was nice to be back in my own house. My husband went off to university and my daughter finished her secondary school. We had two additions to our family- Catman and her son, Ramon.

2010 is looking to be a busy and exciting year. The winners for Sanlam will be announced early in the year. I have two books coming out in the first part of the year- Kwaito Love (Sapphire Press- imprint of Kwela) and a collection of short stories from Modjaji Books. I'll be off for the writers' residency in Egypt in May and am hoping to get a lot of work done on a new manuscript while there. Personally, my daughter will be starting university and my son finishing his secondary school. In 2011, father, son and daughter will all be at university together- how fun is that?

What does your new year look like?
Whatever it is I wish you a happy, dream of a 2010!


Sue Guiney said...

sounds like there are lots of great things coming up for you in 2010 . I'm sending you and your family the best wishes for a productive, healthy and happy new year! xoxo

Lauri said...

Thanks Sue. I hope this year sees your newest manuscript finding a very nice home. I'm crossing fingers. All the best for 2010!(there is something about the look of 2010 that I like very much)

Lyn said...

Laurie, it would seem that 2010 holds endless possibilities for you and perhaps some change. My youngest daughter will be finishing her secondary school and (hopefully) starting university - so in 2010 it looks as though I will turn 50 and also become an empty nester! Just happy to be alive and healthy and loved. Warm wishes and good fortune for you Laurie.

Tania Hershman said...

What a year you've had! And two books coming out next year, that is fabulous. Wishing you huge continued success, looking forward to my review copy of your short stories ;)

Anonymous said...

I am very excited to hear about what is coming up for you in 2010. It is all good. There is a lightness in the air that wasn't there in 2009. Wishing you many, many happy days this year!

Elizabeth Bradley said...

I am so happy for you Lauri, I have had some good things happen in 2009, 2 new grandchildren, started my blog, but I have suffered too may losses to mention and am so looking forward to 2010. Happy New Years, I feel privleged to know you.

Lauri said...

Elizabeth- I saw those lovely photos of your granddaughter, I can't wait until it's my turn to be a grandma (though please don't tell the Giant Teenagers that)Thanks for your kind words. It's been lovely getting to know you too.

Selma, my dear friend, I think you're right about this year.I have a feeling. Of course us in Southern Africa are all excited about the World Cup in South Africa but beyond that I think I like this year. The first day has started out lovely.

Tania- Thanks for your good thoughts. Yes, when the short story collection is out I will get a copy to you for sure.