Sunday, May 9, 2010

Egypt Orientation Day or How to Survive a 5 Hour Bus Ride in 40+ degree Heat with a Hangover

My daughter has arrived safely in America so I will have a lovely Mother's Day sans frantic worrying. You folks in America, if you see her please be gentle, Giant Teenagers look very resilient on the outside, spikey and thorny even, but on the inside they're mushy like marshmallows and fragile like eggs.
(Hmmm??? So many food references -am I hungry??)

Have a good Sunday, a wonderful Mothers' Day if you are of that persuasion. Today we are going on a five hour orientation tour. Unfortunately last night we went dancing with a whole gaggle of Russian stick insects and I apparently should not mix Egyptian wine and Egyptian beer if the football size, pulsating-with-pain object sitting on my neck is anything to go by. Or maybe it is mixing middle-aged, fluffy (not fat), female dancing with Russian stick insects on bar top dancing that's given me the headache from hell. One can never know how these things go. In any case, I've taken drugs and will try to be civil and polite, of course within my normal parameters. I wouldn't want to give people a fright.

Although it may appear that my first ( I thought it would be my only, but I've learned writers are INTENDED to go on writers' residencies) writers' residency is not going well in terms of work, that is not true. I AM working, but right now I'm at that pride-crushing stage when you realise the masterpiece you wrote in your head is not quite the pig slop you have on the page. So I thought it was better for all I keep silent. Such things have no place in polite company.

An added extra :
I love The Rejectionist's blog but this morning her blog post was something special. A day in the life- Click Here.


bonita said...

maybe it's the heat that makes the masterpiece look like pig slop for surely it cannot be the effects of Egyptian wine + beer!

Lauri said...

Perhaps Elspeth- ha!