Tuesday, May 4, 2010

El Gouna Egypt-I'm Here!

I arrived in El Gouna yesterday morning dead tired after an overnight flight from Johannesburg. I thought you'd all enjoy a small tour of my home for the next month.

Here is the view from my verandah, looking out at the lagoon and the beach which I've decided is mine.

I took this out on my walk this morning. My "house" is the last one in that row of burnt orange buildings.
This is my verandah.

My room is the downstairs one in the middle.

My beach.

I saw this on my walk and it made me laugh. I think this "protected by law" mangrove plant is quite lonely. I think all of these lagoons are human-made, likely man-made, there doesn't seem to be any Egyptian women here, not sure where they are. Not exactly sure how this mangrove plant got here but 1) it is alone and 2) it is protected by law.

The life guard chair at the beach. Looks a bit like a king's chair...pharoah I guess.

The beach for other people. They rake it.

The houses here are fascinating. I know nothing about architecture, though of course I'll soon be an expert since Giant Teenager No. 1 has been accepted into the architecture programme at the Univeristy of Botswana (!!yay!!). I think the house here are lovely. I intend to find out more about them. I'll let you know what I uncover.

So that's it for now. So far we are four writers: me, an Italian woman, a British/Sri Lankan via Cape Town woman and a man from Wales.

My Egyptian adventure has begun!!


Miss Footloose said...

You'll have a wonderful time! How exciting to be in such a beautiful place with fellow writers.

I've been to quite a few writers conferences and retreats but not in (to me) interesting places. I always come away "high" and full of energy and excitement about my writing.

Enjoy! Looking forward to hearing more.

Not Hannah said...

Wow, I love those houses. They make me think of exotic hobbits. (So do the mangroves, oddly.)

Elspeth Futcher said...

Thanks so much for posting these pictures, and I think you're completely within your rights for declaring one beach 'yours' and leaving the other for 'the others'. I've been thinking of you as you start your retreat - best of luck.

Egypt. Magic. Lucky, lucky you! Heartiest congratulations to Giant Teenager No.1!

daoine said...

Oooooh wow! Have an awesome time!

Anonymous said...

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Lauri said...

Miss Footloose- It really is a lovely place and I'm very lucky to have been given a chance.

Not Hannah- No exotic hobbits in sight yet- though I did see some hectic camels being fed this morning.

Elspeth- Thanks for the congrats. Someone else was on my beach earlier (the gall!) but they're gon now and I'm about to go out there.

Thanks Daoine!!

Tagskie- Thanks for stopping by.

Anonymous said...

the raked beach front is amazing, and so is the designs of the houses!

Catarina said...

Looks lovely!

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful spot. It looks very serene. I hope it provides you with a lot of inspiration.

I am really pleased your son got into architecture. Awesome!

Lauri said...

Thanks Selma, it's actually my daughter, she's the eldest.

Gutsy Living said...

A writers conference in Egypt! I wish I could attend. The buildings look very new and comfortable. Have a wonderful time.