Monday, January 19, 2009

Andrew Sanderson- International Spy or raving lunatic?

Yesterday’s Sunday Standard featured this picture on the front page and yet again inside its covers. This is Andrew Sanderson. According to Sanderson, these marks are from electrodes that were attached to his body by Botswana security agents during torture sessions where they wanted to extract information regarding his espionage activities in the country. Sanderson told the reporter that he had been arrested by the Botswana Police for staying in the country without proper documentation, but according to Sanderson he is a spy for the Zimbabwean government working under the Zimbabwean ambassador to Namibia, Chipo Zindonga, and that was the real reason he was arrested and allegedly tortured. His mission, according to the paper, was to search out the bases in Botswana where MDC is training a secret army to overthrow Mugabe. At the time the article went to press, Sanderson had escaped from police custody and was in hiding waiting for his contacts in the Zimbabwean High Commission in Botswana to get him out of the country.

The alleged life story of Sanderson reads like a Robert Ludlum book. He has apparently worked in the past for Botswana’s Diamond and Narcotics Squad and was double dealing with Military Intelligence. According to him, he knew much about the drug trade in the area from the time that he himself was a drug addict. He apparently inherited over a million British pounds from a dead aunt, after living on the streets of London eating from dust bins, and decided it was cheaper to live in Namibia where he could follow his preferred life of drugs, drinking, and games with prostitutes. This is where, according to him, he met a certain prostitute who hooked him up with the Namibian ambassador who gave him his latest gig as Zimbabwean Spy.

In the article, the reporter claims that during the interview Sanderson asked to use the phone and he apparently called his contact in the Zimbabwean High Commission in Botswana. They discussed his getting out of the country. According to the reporter, the ambassador hung up and called back on a ‘secure line’. Sanderson was instructed to get to Lanseria in South Africa and they would help him from there.

So that’s the story. For those outside of Southern Africa, there is much animosity between Mugabe and our President Khama who believes that Mugabe has taken power illegally and has spoken out clearly about this. Mugabe, in turn, has alleged that Botswana is allowing MDC's Morgan Tsvangirai free access to the country where he is putting together troops to get rid of the Old Man. This is from where Sanderson’s story emanates.

I’m not sure what to think. At the very least, if Sanderson is Mugabe’s spy, it is yet another indication of Mugabe’s deteriorating sensibilities. It’s obvious Mr Sanderson is a few pennies short of a dollar. Again, why would the Namibian ambassador be the Big Zimbabwean Spy’s main contact? It sounds suspect at best. The Botswana government has trashed Mugabe’s assertions that they are assisting in overthrowing his regime.

Sanderson ends the article saying, “If I fail to make it out of Botswana and they kill me, you will have an even better story.” According to the reporter, Sanderson then 'burst into laughter'.

Meanwhile- more than 2000 people have died in Zimbabwe’s cholera epidemic, not because cholera is not treatable and preventable, but because Mugabe can’t manage the healthcare system and because the doctors and nurses cannot continue to work, for all practical purposes, without pay. The Zim dollar is nearly useless as most shops now accept only US dollars, Rands, or Pula so being a civil servant paid with a big pile of Zim dollars is like being paid with a roll of toilet paper. Schools have not opened for the new school year either. Mugabe clings to power while the people die- some fast and some agonizingly slowly. Makes me almost hope Sanderson is telling the truth and within my country a powerful army is being built; but I doubt it.


Anonymous said...

He does have the air of the lunatic about him.

It is shocking what is going on in Zimbabwe. The currency crisis, the cholera. It's unforgivable.

The story of Sanderson's life is incredible. Makes you wonder if he's delusional as well as mad. But what if he's actually telling the truth?

Lauri said...

One really can't know. There are so many secrets. Of course, if it is true it would be a terrible diplomatic move on Botswana's side. Helping to overthrow the government of your neighbour would definitely tarnish Botswana's hyperbolic shiny coat.

Anonymous said...

Fantastic story. What a guy. It would not surprise me at all if he was a Zim spy. My country's entire cabinet was photographed paying shoeless, squatting tribute to a 35year conwoman who convinced them that she was possesed by the spirit of a fifteenth century emperor who could magically produce pure diesel from a Chinhoyi. They believed this, and paid her a ton of money for helping to end the fuel crisis. They gave a ton of money to a gansterrapper called Luciano to promote the country. They gave more money to a Gabonese conman who promised them to restore the nation's pride through beauty pageants. So yes, this govt is pretty batty, actually, and anything is possible.

Anonymous said...

Ooops, that sentence is mean to read, "pure diesel from a rock in Chinhoyi".

Lauri said...

It is amazing the shysters that haunt the African continent. We had Billy Rautenbach, a friend to Mugabe, who came and swindled the government out of millions claiming he was going to manufacture cars. Gone in thin air.

Anonymous said...

i've met the guy. He is one sandwich short of a picnic. And whatever comes out of his mouth is bulls#@t.
He is looking for fame but he is little more than a con-man.

Lauri said...

I expected as much.

Anonymous said...

I have met and dealt with Andrew quite alot.

he is very very smart but does shroud himself in tall stories. but and dit is a BIG but, he does have the ability to find himself in these circles. Because after all his habits would have let him into some dark circles, and he has a way to get people on his side very quickly.

out of the published story i would say 35% of what he has said is true. At that margin he has still been through some major adventures.

while the article says he was sleeping rough, it is less known how well he did to come out of it.

Knowing him, he is going to be loving all these few comments on his bizarre existence.

Sam Shouts

Lauri said...

Hi Sam, Thanks for stopping by. The funny thing is that the story was in the newspaper and then gone forever. I've never heard another things. Nothing, anywhere. Very bizarre.

Anonymous said...

I was realesed thru the UN to a Third country,i got back to the UK Saturday 21 march, people like to claim they know me, if im such a lunitic, then why is it that Ian felt the need to move me around bots thru a total of 11 bases and prisons, FYI, want to call the head of MI, or ian, kgosi at DISS. email me and ill send you there private numbers, allong with the 8 most high ranking DISS field agents, oh Great news, the Sunday Standard article if full of lies, both this one and the last two years ago. again, want the truth? e-mail me. im about to do a press release thru one paper in Bots NOT Standard sunday, loll outsa was the one who turned me in so he could print the lies, if it were not for my mistake in trusting him, id have been accross the border that night, but our friend spencer wanted a story, so they handed me over to DISS, but yes i did escape from MI. they are not real sis.. Andrew Sanderson, as for the people here who say they know me, they can e-mail me on my address, if they realy know me.. rolf!!

Anonymous said...

We have had dealings with Andrew Sanderson in the past.
But not anymore.
He told us that he had worked for the British Consul in South Africa as well as other governments.
When we checked, we found that none of these were true.
In fact we were warned to avoid him at all costs because he was a lier, drug addict and a conman.

Anonymous said...

you like to hide.

From 1997 to 2000, i was localy engaged to BHC Gaborone, at the same time i started Interswana, (UUnet Botswana) i as i have stated left my e-mail address, why not come forward with what you realy know, and stop posting your lies?

But im sure you will not.

Did you know that there were two other people arrested with me in January? One of them was Edward Kabelo, Cid Barakonelo. the other was Allen West from West Solar Power, but im sure you think you know what you know, but i can tell you that you know nothing.

As for your other comments, ill let them pass. as for your comment, that you no longer have to worry about me, well, dont bet on it.

also remeber i have many friends there in Botswana, and if you are in fact one of the people on the list that has caused me and the others trouble, id watch my back.

Later Dude, have a gnar gnar day!

Anonymous said...

Hey dude!
How could you just disappear without a goodbye?
Guess you are sttill alive and weel.
Take care of yourself.

:)Gnarly Dudette

Anonymous said...

Dudette, text me at +447805690685 e-mail at zwitterion_work at
Sorry could not say goodbye as i was locked up and moved every few weeks around botswana. but im ok and safe, diss still trying to talk to me from other sources, like kb, but im doing my think, and doing well. would love to meetup, in s.a in may. then nam, sorry not coming to bots for , well the reasons.


p.s miss you. thought about you in prison. guess this site has helped somehow.
Latter Dudette, have a Gnar Gnar day. now you know how to use back channels. lol

Anonymous said...

what a lunatic! this man is a fake and has major problems