Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Ascension Contest

I was going to write about orgasms today but Jason Evans over at The Clarity of Night has said I can post my entry for his contest on my blog. Orgasms must wait for another day. (Will that bring all the people looking for pornography to my blog? That's kind of fun!) So here is my entry. The picture to the left was our prompt. Also click on the link above to go and read the other entries or to enter yourself.

Perks of the Job

The Woolworth’s window reflects the knife-edge pleats in his trousers and the crimson belt cinching his waist creating the allusion of wide shoulders; Jomo nods approval. Initially the handcuffs gave him a lot of excitement, but the flash wore off. The unassuming dependability of a straight pleat and tidy red belt should not be discounted.

As he walks his circuit, security gates clang shut, one after the other. People trickle out of the mall shouting, “Tomorrow, Jomo!” until he’s alone.

His favourite time.

He walks one leg at a time of the giant X of the ground floor; up one side, down the other. Bookstore, jewellery shop, cheap clothes boutique, expensive one. Things Jomo has no use for.

The ground floor finished; it’s now time.

During the day, he only uses the stairs. Happiness should not to be squandered. He approaches it slowly, drawing out the anticipation, listening for the confident noise of it, a smooth, slight metallic clinking. Uncertainty before stepping on thrills him. Would he miss and be pulled from his feet? Not today.

Carried like a king; raised in the air. A gift given, expecting nothing in return; little of that seen in Jomo’s short life, and he is appreciative.

At the top, the machine’s innards gobble up the stairs- would he be gobbled up too? One step and he’s saved- yet again. He heads off on the first arm of the second floor’s mirrored X, smiling, for there’s still the ride down.


Anonymous said...

This is such a feelgood story and a reminder that there is much joy to be had in everyday things. Who hasn't felt that moment of elation when riding an escalator? As well as the little thrill when one escapes the metal jaws at the end?

Good luck. I hope you win!

Lauri said...

Thanks Selma. I doubt there is any chance of winning- did you read the stories there? There are some really fabulous ones. I plan to be part of his contests for now on. I love writing these short word counts and I love reading them. Yours was lovely BTW.

AM-C said...

Hey Lauri,

Really Liked your story. And Selma's too. There are some absolutely fabulous stories in that contest. one would never know that so much can be packed into just 250 words. My entry has also been put up. It is #89 titled "At the World's Feet". I know I haven't got a snowball's chance (in u-know-where). But it was fun writing flash fiction.

JR's Thumbprints said...

Ah yes, I remember Jomo. Good luck with the contest!

Lauri said...

Off to read your Ayo.
250 words is massive, yesterday I submitted a 15o word story for a contest and a couple weeks ago a 75 word one.

JR- thanks for the good wishes, but like Ayo said there are some fantastic stories over there.