Saturday, January 24, 2009

More Query Education

I have finished editing Claudia and she has been sent off with a kiss. This morning I found a very good query letter and some excellent advice from literary agent Jessica Faust at Bookends LLC. Check it out here. Of course if you have no publishing credits and no fantastic quotes as Bella does you can adapt the letter accordingly. It's scary how much of a role that one little letter plays in the success of your novel.

Other news off topic is that in the end I will have something submitted at this year's Caine. I had been all sad when a story of mine I really wanted submitted got edited under 3000 words by the online publisher so no longer met their requirements. Now my story The Christmas Wedding that won BTA/Angloplat Short Story contest in 2007 has been published and has been submitted to the Caine. Yeah! I love waiting for contest results (I know slightly masochistic)

And in that same vein.... I am off to begin packing. We are moving this weekend. I really must just get started instead of wasting time here. I've decided the thinking about moving is worse than the actual moving. (at least that is what I am trying to convince myself).


Anonymous said...

Best of luck, Lauri. I have the utmost faith in you!!!

Lauri said...

Thanks Selma. Sorry it took so long to respond. Moving and all..