Thursday, January 8, 2009

The End of the World Can Make a Person Pretty Lazy

I’m trying not to take this whole Yellowstone thing very seriously and from the look of my poll (see right) neither are any of you. If you concentrate on all of the things that can happen that would make today the last day of humanity, for me at least, I become pretty inactive. What could I possibly do with this day? Almost everything on my list of things to do require a future for the human race. Even something as simple as making my bed. I mean, really.

This is why I always hope I won’t have a near death experience. I know how people say things like, “After that I really appreciate every day; I live in the moment” – do they really? I’ve always suspected they’re just saying it because it’s expected. I know that wouldn’t be me. For me it would be more like, “So this is the kind of crap shoot I’m in- what’s the point?” My productivity would take a severe hit.

Carrying this thinking a bit further brings me to the realisation that to progress each day, to sit down at the computer and write a story, to clean up a few chapters in a novel, to do research for an upcoming article, I need to believe that no harm will come to the world and that I am immortal.

Simple enough. Okay then, back to work.

(Evidence that I’m a stupid fool or an eternal optimist is mounting against me I’m afraid.)


Anonymous said...

In many ways we are really alike. If I knew it was all over in an environmental sense I would be all 'Open another bottle and let's drink till the sea is up to our chins.'
I need a little bit of security when I'm writing too - not a lot - I just need to know the world isn't going to end while I'm in the middle of my final draft. LOL.

Bee said...

I think a near death experience is great because it gives you great clarity about what is really important in life so that you don't sweat the small stuff which is why i wouldn't mind having one as i reaaly want that knowledge of what really matters at the end of the day... one productivity excersise is actuallythat one of pretending you are writing your obituary so that you can focus on what is really imprtant in life as if we think we are immortal we may lose sight of the important things...

Lauri said...

The world ending AFTER my final draft? Now that's just cruel!

Writing my own obituary could stop me in my tracks I'm afraid.