Wednesday, January 7, 2009

This and That

Back to work and feeling much better. I have far too much Protestant work ethic to sit idly- one of the many reasons I hate long holidays. I do like fun, but done in reasonable lots of time. Two, three weeks is just too hedonistic for me.

In the last two days I finished the first drafts on five radio lessons; English for standard one. It is very difficult to write lessons in English for children you know do not know much English. I did a lot of ‘sound stories’ which becomes a problem when you have specific objectives to cover.

I’ll admit- though I really don’t want to and swore I would never do it- I wrote a song to the tune of ‘Are you sleeping?’ I’m not proud, but I was damn desperate. Fifteen minutes is an exceptionally long bit of time for teaching good morning, good afternoon, and good evening. Have mercy on me. Anyway we’ll see what my producer thinks. Cross fingers. I did write a poem I was a bit proud of to teach prepositions. Here it is for your enjoyment or vicious slashing, whatever your mood calls for:

Yesterday I slept in a box
Soft and nice, all filled with socks.
Today I swam in the deep blue sea,
Just Fred, my friend, and little old me.
Now I’m resting under the bed,
Hiding from my big pal Fred.
He’s nice and jolly, but here’s the problem
I’m just an ant, and he’s a big green goblin.

I know- problem and goblin don't really rhyme; but kind of right?

Here is a new contest brought to you via Selma’s blog. Of course I won’t pass it by- I love micro word counts and prompts especially photos and here everything is combined in one. Yeah!

Now back to work. I need to drag out my children’s book set in Old Palapye. I’m writing it for a contest later this year. I finished it in November, but it is dead boring. I need to fish out its problems, and today I start.

Trying very hard not to blog about Israel- too many words out in cyberspace right now, mine are not needed. More I am praying that the Israelis accept the ceasefire agreement. Who would have thought Sarkozy would be the fellow to step up? He’s definitely gained stature in my eyes.


Tania Hershman said...

Lovely poem! You sound like you've been working hard. Good for you. I am trying to work up to that, but not managing very well so far, it's all a bit too stressful around here. Let's just pray that everyone engaged in violence everywhere in the world, in whatever form, lays down their weapons and we attempt other methods to work out tragic situations.

Charlotte Phillips said...

Normally I'd sympathize with you on too much down time, but after a stressful year with little time off throughout, I thoroughly enjoyed the two weeks off at the end. The closest I came to working was discussing story lines with my co-writer and putting together an agenda for a writers group meeting.

Sounds like you were productive. I love the ant!

Anonymous said...

You make me feel ashamed of myself. I fall into the role of lady of leisure far too easily.

You really have a talent for educational writing. It isn't easy to explain such things in clear language.

Peace in the Middle East - will we see it in our lifetime? I do hope so.

So glad you're going to enter the comp. Now I'll really have to lift my game.....

Lauri said...

Tania- I can only imagine what is happening there. I doubt people would expect you to be doing much writing.

Char- Glad you liked the ant. I searched most of the day for a nursery rhyme with a few prepositions that was not too difficult then said let me do it myself.

Selma- I've been looking at that escalator the whole day and I've got nothing- I don't think anyone will be upping their game because of me. Hoping the subconscious pops something out tonight.