Friday, July 11, 2008

Damn that Jesse Jackson. Damn him.

Let me warn you straight away- I love Barack Obama. I love everything about him. I love Michelle Obama, too. I even love their little girls- for god sake; the eldest is born on the 4th of July! If that’s not some cosmic message written “Chosen Son” I don’t know what is. I’ve loved them ever since they stepped onto the world stage. So if you’re looking for the objective voice of reason on this issue, you’d rather give this article a miss.

As far as I’m concerned Jesse Jackson is a jealous, old man with a heart as racist as the folk he speaks against so vehemently. Barack Obama is a role model without equal for black Americans and for someone who positions himself as a leader in the black community to say such vile things is unforgivable. For Jackson and others like him, Obama is just not black enough. It is as simple as that.

Obama is black, but he’s also white. I love how he doesn’t hide behind labels, doesn’t shy from who he is. He is American, but he’s also Kenyan. He has grown into his skin in such a wonderful way. He is a beautiful amalgamation of strands pulled from many sources. This is why the world holds its breath. He will be the first American president who knows America’s rightful place in this world. A president who has genuine respect for other nations and who will negotiate with them as equals instead of sprouting off Bush-isms like “you’re either with us or you’re against us”. He is a light in the darkness of post 9-11.
Sure Obama's playing the politics game right now- what did people expect? As for his stand that parents, black or white, should take responsibility for raising their kids ( the issue that supposedly has pissed Jackson off so much) - how is that wrong?

Jesse Jackson is nothing but an old school racist.

Time to crawl back into your time capsule, Mr. Jackson; the world has moved on without you.


Karen said...

Lauri, if I could hug you right now, I would. We need more people like Mr. Obama, people willing to look past color and get to the heart of the matter.

Oh, and I happen to know for a fact, that every heart looks pretty much the same, all blood is red, and the stuff under the skin is the same color.

Excellent post, Lauri! Bravo!

Lauri said...

Thanks Karen. I'm so excited, my sister just told me she has sent me a Barack Obama t-shirt. Now I can be a fully fledged groupie- yahoo!!!