Wednesday, July 2, 2008

A proud day to be a Motswana

Today is a great day to be a Motswana.
There has been a hope-filled tingling in the air ever since President Ian Khama’s inauguration. His 4-D’s speech brought expectations that for once, in such a long time, a person would become a president who truly did have the welfare of his people at heart. We would be witness to a non-political politician. What a breath of fresh air swept through the country that day. As I listened to him speak, I was feeling something I was quite unfamiliar with- patriotism.
Today, my tiny adopted country has stepped forward bravely and said, “We will stand for what is right.” As the African Union waggled on about what they should do about the fiasco termed “the Zimbabwean elections”, with Uncle Bob sitting in arrogance posing as the president of the beautiful country he has so efficiently destroyed, the lone voice of my country stood up and said that he should be exiled from all organisations that stand for good governance and human rights. Zimbabwe should be kicked out of the AU and out of SADC with immediate effect.
Will it happen? The AU, certainly not. There are too many “Mugabe-want-a-be’s” to come down too hard on their friend, but for SADC, the tide is turning. There is hope that Southern Africa will show the way forward for an Africa at the precipice, and who would have thought Botswana would be at the front?


Wordsbody said...

Pity we don't get to see President Ian Khama's image in the international press. He looks like a film actor.

Vanessa Gebbie said...

Hi laura

Great to see you in the ether. Adding you to my blog links.


Lauri said...

.... and he's single! Any interst in being first lady of Botswana????

Thanks V!!

Anonymous said...

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