Wednesday, July 16, 2008

How to Read the Mail and Guardian

I love reading newspapers. I feel not quite right if I haven’t read my weekly dose of 11 papers. But of all of the newspapers I read, my real love is the Mail & Guardian.

I don’t read the M & G straight through. No. That is not my way. There is a system to reading the Mail and Guardian. It only comes out on a Friday (I get it on a Sunday, if I’m lucky) and it must last the whole week. There are articles I read through straight away. The regular news articles, editorial, the frantic letters page. But then there are the ‘savers’. The ‘savers’ are the parts I save to be read slowly over the course of the week, usually during breakfast with my tea.

The ‘savers’ include the whole Friday section, anything on Barack Obama, Body language, and Madam & Eve. But I have a new ‘saver’- Lev David’s column ‘Quiet Riot’. This man is funny, not just a little bit. He’s so funny he’s made me forget all about Tom Eaton, and that is saying something.

The week before last he wrote about his addiction to news and I nearly thought I found my soul mate (but of course I have my soul mate, so I don’t know what that means- might our souls be adulterous by nature?? Another question for another time.). He was discussing the new 24 hour news station on the block- E TV. His hilarious take on the nose situation at eTV was enough to get tea squirting out my nose. One has to admit Debora Patta does have a nose that can’t be ignored.

ANYWAY- the point is read Lev David- he’s definitely a ‘saver’.

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