Thursday, July 17, 2008

The Spice Rack Has Left The Building.

The dreaded enemy...... its final resting place.


Karen said...

Oh wow! Look at the bottles listing all over the place. I would have been homicidal if I'd had to deal with that bit of annoyance for more than 10 minutes.

(Be thankful my mother wasn't there to fish it out of the bin and try to find a good use for it somewhere else in your kitchen).

Lauri said...

No need for your mother- after two days my husband said, "Where's the spice rack?"

"It's gone."


"The bin."

"But it was my present too." Sad face.

Knowing where that would lead to I said, "The rubbish people have already come. Nothing can be done now."

I really dodged a bullet there.